5 ways travel helps you lead a richer life

Haley of Ready Set Jet Set here! I have always been a big proponent of travel. I started my travel adventures nearly 10 years ago as a college student and I never looked back! It’s been hard this year with months stuck at home, so I’m glad to be able to get out and start exploring my hometown and nearby cities again. I’ve been spending my time doing mini road trips around my home state of Texas and local hotel stays for 2-3 nights. When booking last-minute, quickie trips, I love using Hotwire’s Hot Rate mystery deals in their app. With Hot Rates, I’ve been able to book last-minute 4- and 5-star hotels for as low as $100 a night! By booking via Hotwire, I’ve been able to save more money so I can spend more on activities, dining, and more on my mini vacays.

To travel safe, Hotwire also shares each hotel’s health and safety measures when you book, including any enhanced COVID-19 protocols. In my experience, most hotels have been doing an amazing job at cleanliness and safety measures. I’ve seen things like booking pool times, having 24 hours between stays in a room, temperature checks, plastic coverings on items like remotes, and lots more great policies to keep everyone safe.

I feel like even the smallest trip in my own backyard is a breath of fresh air. It’s good for my mental health and so much more. Along those lines, I’ve come up with a few ways in which I think that travel helps you lead a richer life. Check out my top five reasons below!

Travel gives you memories to last a lifetime

They say it’s better to spend money on experiences rather than on things, and I believe that’s true! An item you purchase may only give you a brief moment of happiness, while a great travel memory can last you a lifetime and always bring a smile to your face.

You meet the best people along the way

One of my favorite parts of travel is bringing other people along for the journey – whether it’s a friend or partner from home with whom you make this amazing memory or the new people you meet along the way that leads to lifelong friendships. It’s especially great to make friends abroad and then have a network of friends you can visit across the globe.

Travel gives you perspective

If you never leave your bubble of home, you’ll never truly learn about the rest of the world and experience other cultures beyond your own. By immersing yourself in other cultures, you broaden your worldview and gain empathy and perspective. It’ll help you become a better person, while also being fun! You get to learn new languages and histories, try new foods, and meet new people who have lived a different life than you.

Travel helps you connect with yourself

Maybe this looks like “Eat, Pray, Love” to you or “Wild.” Those books are just a few examples of female travelers who “found themselves” through their explorations. Either way, this is different for each individual. Even if you can’t commit to a longer trip, a 2-3 day local quickie trip can help boost your happiness levels, get a mental recharge, and relax. Invest in some self-love!

Travel is an adventure

Who wants to live a boring life standing in place? Adventure is good for the soul. You’re forced to take steps out of your comfort zone and face your fears. And I’m not necessarily saying you have to go sky diving to get your adrenaline pumping! All travel, especially international travel, gets you out of your bubble and challenges you. And adventure is exciting!

Do you agree with the reasons I gave or have your own reasons why you think travel helps you lead a richer life? Then leave a reply below! And in the meantime, if you’ve liked this article, you can follow my adventures over at readysetjetset.net and @readysetjetset on Instagram. This is Ready Set Jet Set, signing off!

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