Featured traveler: How to jump straight into vacation mode

tyson flandreau

Hotwire Travel Geek and Director of Advertising, Ty Flandreau, recently took his family to Maui to celebrate spring break.

A few weeks ago my family and I took our annual spring break trip.  Spring break is the trip our family looks forward to every year.  This year, we headed to Maui for some beach, pool and fun in the sun with our kids, age 10 and 8. We often take a beach or pool vacation in the spring and I can safely say we have mastered the art of getting directly into vacation-mode once we arrive.  A few tips:

  • Carry-on bags: Pack your swimsuits and any necessary pool related accoutrement (goggles, flip-flops, sunscreen, etc.) in your carry-on bags.  If we get to the hotel and our room isn’t ready, we can quickly get our gear and head straight for the pool. It allows us to get into vacation mode immediately…a cold beer by the pool also helps that transition.  On the flip side, I wish I could say there is a school/work re-entry tip, but we have yet to crack that nut!
  • Hidden gems: Every time we travel, we try to discover someplace new.  The excitement of finding a new spot gets us immediately into vacation-mode.  This year we headed to Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui. We’re not sure if it’s considered a secret or not, but it wasn’t crowded when we were there, so it seemed like we discovered it!
  • Make some plans for next year: Since spring break is a known time for us to travel, we always return home and instantly start planning for next year’s trip. We loved Hawaii, but think we might try Florida next year. Talking about new places to go always keeps us in vacation-mode just for a bit longer.
  • Slowly transition back to your routine: We flew back from our vacation on Monday (which was a cheaper flight) and took Tuesday off of work so we could do a load of laundry and a quick grocery shopping run to get some basic supplies for the week ahead. It also meant that we “re-entered” the real world on Wednesday, giving us all a short week of work and school. We’ve always struggled with jumping back into “real life” after a great vacation and found that coming back to a short week was a much more gentle way to ease into it. As a result, we retain our chilled-out vacation vibe a little longer than usual. Aloha!

Ty_Hawaii_family sunsetTy2_Hawaii_family in shades (2)

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