Places to enjoy Friendsgiving around the US

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful, indulge in turkey and pumpkin pie until you can’t take anymore and share the holiday with family and loved ones. But, who said Thanksgiving needs to be limited to one day of feasting? This Thanksgiving, why not also embrace another version of turkey day by instituting an additional celebration of “Friendsgiving” with your closest pals. Whether you can’t be with family this Thanksgiving or just want an excuse to get out of town for some fun and a second delicious dinner…we’re on-board either way.

We ran the numbers and found some of the best places to take a spontaneous weekend to partake in “Friendsgiving” this year, each destination offering low prices and a unique local flavor. So, grab your best buddies and get ready to chow down on some “Friendsgiving” grub.

  • New Orleans: For an unforgettable New Orleans feast, dig into some authentic Po’ Boy sandwiches, an authentic crawfish boil…or both! Get your boil on and indulge.
  • Chicago: The bustling Chinatown in Chicago offers endless dining options and is able to accommodate groups large and small. Hot Pot restaurants are frequented by locals and are the perfect communal dish to share. Plus, it’s a great way to battle the cold fall weather.
  • Las Vegas: With Thanksgiving being offseason for Vegas, it makes for a great Friendsgiving getaway. While you’re there, indulge in the “burger capital of the universe” and stop by one of the delicious burger restaurants for a meat-friendly feast. Burger Bar, Stripburger, and Gordon Ramsay BurGR are just a few favorites.
  • San Diego: This city knows how to do Mexican food and what better way to celebrate Friendsgiving in sunny Southern California than with chips, guacamole and margaritas. Some locals argue that Las Cuatro Milpas is the best restaurant in town, but get there early because there’s usually a line. For a quick taco, stop by the family-run Taco Stand.
  • Miami Beach: Cuban food can be found on almost every street corner in South Beach and all over downtown Miami making this an ideal themed “Friendsgiving” meal. Whether Cuban sandwiches are your thing or you prefer grilled meats and plantains, it’s all delish.

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