Insider’s guide to SXSW: parties


  • Want to go to all the coolest parties? The trick is to register for everything that looks interesting ahead of time. Most music showcases, corporate parties and other events have an online registration page to help the organizers gauge approximate how many people are coming.  Just sign up for everything that looks cool each day even though you will only go to 3-5 cool things per day/night. That way you have OPTIONS.
  • You’ll find many of the best parties on Eventbrite – register for an account and search for parties with the most RSVPs.
  • Follow SXSWPartyPatrol on Twitter for a heads up on the latest and greatest – there’s always a hot surprise party or two.
  • Escape the madness of 6th street for a more laid back evening on Rainey Street – a short walk from the Convention Center.

This is part four in a four part SXSW series.

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