Insider’s guide to SXSW: transportation


  • If you aren’t lucky enough to get a room downtown, stay at the group of hotels just outside the city and use the shuttle. It’s a great way to relax and let someone else deal with traffic while you check social media to see what’s poppin’ that day. Plus, this is where you’ll find the best SXSW conversation.
  • Pedi-cabs. So long as you can get over the guilt of another human being sweating while she or he transports you in a bicycle-powered chariot, this is a great way to go short to medium distances downtown. You’ll get there faster than on car or on foot.
  • For longer distances, Uber and Lyft can’t be beat – and they’re EVERYWHERE during SX. If you’re a first time Lyft user, download the app and use the code SXSW2016 for a $20 coupon towards your first ride.
  • Mazda is a Super Sponsor this year and is bringing a fleet of Mazdas to Austin to taxi people around. They’re tough to nab, but the service is complimentary, and you can save time by pre-registering for Mazda Express or sign up at the Austin Convention Center.

This is part three in a four part SXSW series.

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