May is a month for adventurous sports

While spring marks the beginning of baseball (we’ve previously written about the joys of spring training) and the end of basketball (hats off to the Villanova Wildcats and Connecticut Huskies on their recent championships), it’s also a season of activity for many other, lesser known sports—from those involving discs and saddles to those that require a nice patch of sand, clay or pavement.

We took the initiative to compile a list of May sporting events that probably aren’t on everyone’s radar. But who knows? Maybe you already have plans for a pilgrimage with many like minded, devoted fans to one of these gatherings. If not, why not plan one and see a new part of the country (or world!) and experience the thrill and excitement of competition in a new way?

ATP and WTA tennis clay court tournaments

Gearing up for the French Open, which starts in late May, the greatest tennis players in the world descend on Southern Europe to warm up their clay court game. Arrive a bit early and catch the Monte Carlo tournament in April, which rounds out the trifecta of European, spring clay-court tournaments leading up to Roland-Garros.

PGA tour

When “spring” and “golf” are mentioned in the same sentence, the Masters at Augusta of course comes to mind. And rightly so—the magnolia trees, pimento cheese spread and green jackets there are famous. Good luck getting a ticket, though. A spot along the fringe is a lot easier to come by at one of the other spring tournaments.


Switching gears from the posh milieu of the tennis and golf world, the dust and steel of the rodeo arena also offer spectacles of athleticism, and not just from the people participating. Check out the bucking broncos and raging bulls at these upcoming events.

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