Most Popular Memorial Day Destinations

Many Americans are hitting the road this Memorial Day weekend but where are they all going? We crunched the numbers and found the top most-traveled to destinations for this weekend:

  1. FloridaFlorida is the most searched travel destination, even among people who already live in the state. Book a three and a half star room in Miami, starting from $72/night.*
  2. California. Besides in-state travelers, California will likely welcome more people from Nevada and Arizona than any other state. Los Angeles is super affordable, and you can grab a four-star hotel room from as low as $70/night.
  3. New York. Whether people are flocking to New York City or The Hamptons, New York state is the third most popular travel destination this Memorial Day weekend.  Stay in a 3.5-star hotel near the Empire State building starting at $78 and up a night.
  4. Nevada. Apparently it’s the place to be this Memorial Day, seeing a more than 980% increase in people entering the state vs. leaving. Stay in a 3.5-star hotel in Sin City from just $56 a night.
  5. Texas.Why not celebrate Memorial Day in the largest state in the southern US? Not sure if it’s the BBQ or the sunshine, but Texas is the fifth most popular state for travel this holiday weekend. You can stay in a 3.5-star hotel starting at $84 a night.


And, where are all these travelers coming from? The most travelers are leaving these five less sunshine-y states for, well, obvious reasons:

  • Nebraska
  • Oregon
  • Georgia
  • Washington
  • Ohio


Interested in more? Head here to see where the most travelers in your state are headed! 



*Prices based on search on May 3 for three and a half star and above Hot Rate Hotels during May 26 through May 30, 2017.

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