My Big Fat Hotwire XL Trip – Miami

Nearly halfway through eight cities in eight days; Welcome to Miami (number four).

One of my best friends lives in Miami, but I’ve never been there! So I took the day off.

We grabbed brunch at the Wynwood (the art district) Diner, and walked around looking at the famous Wynwood Walls which are frequently painted over by new artists from around the world!

I checked into my hotel and literally said “Wow” out loud. Walking into the room I had a view but also fresh orchids on my bed. $49 for this?! Go Hotwire!

As eager as I was to take advantage of the day off, I definitely wanted to say hi to my teammates in our Miami office. Miami, and our team in that office epitomizes the phrase ‘so extra’ in all the right ways.

First of all, again, the views were incredible. Waterfront, city and palm trees all around. Right when you walk in, you see an homage to Will Smith’s Miami. Ok, I’m not positive it was inspired by his lyrics, but I love the song so go with me. I tried my first cafecito, and then had a second one because it was so delicious even though the office warned me I’d be bouncing off the walls with that much pure espresso.

Within the hour and a half I was there, the team showed me salsa, cafecito, and I tried a Cuban sandwich.

After my fun with the team, Lena (local friend) and I visited South Beach for some sun and then went restaurant/bar hopping back in Wynwood. 1-800-Lucky is a delicious Asian-inspired food hall with plenty of options (and dancing the night we went). I got a Matcha and Black sesame ice cream in a fish-shaped cone from Taiyaki.

Miami is vibrant, fun, and I can’t wait to go back!