My Big Fat Hotwire XL Trip – New York

Destination 2/8: New York! Okay, maybe food is just always on my mind, but when I think of New York I dream of delicious food and tall buildings. I took the AirTrain from JFK into the city, and it was extremely time and cost-effective.

Our New York Expedia office is in one of the upper floors of the Empire State Building, so OF COURSE I wanted to work from there for the day!

I felt like Walter Hobbs! Minus the whole annoying elf son thing.

After working in an office with incredible views, I went to check into my hotel which had the quintessential New York vista. Taxis and city bustle below and tall buildings all around. I was very excited. Not only was it a cool hotel, but Hotwire had this for $49 (say what)!

Thanks to recommendations from my team who were locals, I knew where to grab a bagel and slice of pizza. It was kind of frustrating because walking to Ess-a-bagel and Joe’s Pizza, I saw 20 other restaurants I wanted to try!

As soon as I bit into my sesame and plain cream cheese sandwich, all was well. I also had validation at Joe’s pizza where pictures of celebrities eating there are all over the walls to remind you that you’re basically the same person as Anne Hathaway, Lenny Kravitz, or Neil Patrick Harris to name a few.

I stopped by Stuffed Ice Cream NYC where you can get up to 21 scoops on a single cone. I played it safe and ordered four. The crazy thing is, all the flavors are actually delicious!! I got Andes Peppermint, Fruity Pebbles, Cookie Monster, and Royal Milk Tea. All were great, but if you go you MUST try the Cookie Monster. It wasn’t cookie dough. It tasted like cookies freshly baked from the oven. I don’t know how they captured that flavor in ice cream, but I’ll definitely get that next time.

Did you really go to New York if you didn’t take the subway? Again, hat’s off to New York’s efficient public transportation. I visited Times Square to people watch and get my fill of sensory overload with neon lights, crowds, and characters.

I feel I made the most of my time in New York, but can’t wait to return for more drool-worthy food.