My Big Fat Hotwire XL Trip – San Francisco

Finally, my last destination of eight; San Francisco. If you really want to get on locals’ nerves, call it San Fran. This was a great way to end my trip because it’s where I’ve visited most. Hotwire’s HQ is located in this city and the building floor themes are zany, but intentional. Seriously, we have a Star Trek floor.

I took the familiar BART into town, and then a coworker took me somewhere I had never been but always wanted to go – Taco Bell. Not just any Taco Bell, but Taco Bell on Pacifica Beach. Literally, they have a window on the outside for people to order with sandy feet. You can eat inside or outside on the deck with sweeping views of the beach. I can neither confirm nor deny that I teared up here. I really love Taco Bell.

Anyways, I had no idea how close this SoCal-feeling beach town was to The City. I returned to the office, and had some fun working alongside fellow Hotwirens (that’s a thing, right?). I’m pretty sure I sang the jingle over 20 times that day. You know it right? H-O-T-W-I-R-E Hotwire-dot-com! Try getting THAT out of your head 😉 I ended the day with ice-cream from Humphry Slocombe in the Ferry Building with my manager, and grabbed a fabulous view from the rooftop bar at the Loews Regency next to the office.

I had dinner at Rambler the restaurant in my chic, modern Hotel Zeppelin. Food and drinks there were the perfect end to an unreal trip.