Revenue Management is stressful. We unwind by:

Spy books, Nespresso, and a comfy chair will always take me to my happy place! 

Tara Stangel, Hotwire VP, Supply


I destress best with physical activity – whether it’s a hike, hitting the gym, or playing some football, I love to stay moving!

Dustin Ma, Hotwire Hotel Account Manager


Put on some Jimmy Buffett, picture myself sitting on a beach, and sip on a margarita because Come Monday it will be alright! 😊

Elizabeth LaKemper, Hotwire Hotel Account Manager


I de-stress by jog-walking in a nearby park with just the calm of nature as my soundtrack.

Allen Han, Hotwire Connectivity Manager


Sauvignon Blanc! Just kidding (not really).

When I need to chill, I think of the last topic that really piqued my interest & go down an internet rabbit-hole researching it. It could be anything – a new diet trend, a way to drive employee engagement, or the latest conspiracy theory. Going all-in on a topic I’m passionate about always helps me reignite the spark when I’m burned-out.

Laura Graziano, Hotwire Regional Manager


For me, a 3-5 mile jog is always a great way to relieve stress. That, or playing my drum set or guitar for a few minutes does the trick!

Christian Contreras, Hotwire Sr Global Accounts Manager


Taking three deep breaths is my reset button. My favorite ways to de-stress are to play my piano or turn on my favorite playlist for an all-out dance party (in the privacy of my home of course)!

Leah Wade, Hotwire National Account Manager


When I’m stressed I like to take a step back and prioritize the list of items I need to accomplish so that I can make sure the important things get done. I also think it helps to take an occasional break and get some fresh air to clear my mind.

Matt Simpson, Hotwire Global Account Manager, Transport