Revenue Management & The Seattle Gum Wall

Things to chew on:

Or you’ll miss opportunities. Ensure you take in the entire picture before diving into tiny trends.

Every day matters. Are you optimizing your channels daily and paying attention to long-term patterns? There’s so much data, revenue managers never run out of things to do.

We’ve all had missed opportunities, rough days, big group cancellations. Keep your chin up. You may have missed revenue yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize it today.

It’s a puzzle of challenging, rewarding, and even fun elements. How good does it feel when you make a decision that leads to your bonus? Remember that when working through the frustrations of low occupancy or not hitting plan.

Hotwire is here to help you fully maximize revenue. Let your Hotwire Account Manager know if you’d like help with strategy. We can’t wait to fill your rooms.