#TakeMeBackHotwire Artist Spotlight: Silly Fruit Studio

We’re partnering with a team of artists to turn your travel memories into works of art. Each week we’ll unveil a new artist—so be sure to stick around.

Our first artist is *drum roll please* Euzhan Shabazz of Silly Fruit Studio.

Euzhan is an artist and designer based in Columbus, Ohio. She creates pieces that focus on specific moods, singular moments in time, and, of course, silly ideas. And we had one very important question to ask her…

Q: What is your favorite trip that you’ve taken?

A: My favorite trip was actually last year. It was a trip to Myrtle Beach, and the first and only trip I had taken with my extended family. Just being able to be around so many people that bring me happiness. No stress, no work. It was everything I needed.

Check out her work.  

To enter to win, share your best vacation pic with #TakeMeBackHotwire and #Giveaway. We’ll pick nine of our favorites to win each week. Giveaway ends 11/27. For the full rules: bit.ly/3mWXM3p

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