Thinking about going to Santa Clara for the Super Bowl? Think again.

This week, there are three groups of football fans:

  1. Your team never made the playoffs and you’re hoping for a great draft pick
  2. Your team got knocked out early and next year is “the year”
  3. You’re a Broncos or Panthers fan and you are over the moon

No matter which camp you’re in, unless you already have tickets to Super Bowl 50, you should think twice about booking a trip to Santa Clara in two weeks. While we don’t deny it would be an adventure, the ideal place to watch the Super Bowl is not a bar near Levi’s Stadium.

For the most authentic Super Bowl experience, you have to go home.  To the teams’ home that is.

In what could very well be his last year in the NFL, Peyton Manning is on the cusp of his fourth Super Bowl appearance and second chance to take home a ring. As a Broncos fan, or someone who wants Peyton to finally match Eli in Super Bowl wins, there is no better place to be on February 6 than Denver, Colorado. Starting at $88 for a 4 star hotel, you can head to Downtown Denver and celebrate alongside the orange-clad fans ready to put the Bronco’s last Super Bowl appearance behind them and cheer Peyton to his potentially final NFL victory.

If you look better in blue, consider a quick trip to Charlotte, North Carolina to ‘dab’ your way through Super Bowl 50 with Cam Newton’s loyal fan base. The Panthers are looking to put a bow on top of their near-perfect season and you could be hosting the after party at your four star hotel room in Uptown Charlotte for as little as $100 a night.


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