Travel Instagrams we love

We recently launched our Hotwire Instagram, and we couldn’t be more excited to join the amazing community of explorers sharing their best travel inspiration photos. Traveling is about being slightly adventurous and completely being immersed in your trip. Whether that means acting like a local and eating the best grub or parasailing above the Atlantic, traveling is all about the exploration. Here’s a look at some of the Instagrams we’re crushing on right now.

  1. Alex Strohl: Alex’s photos are crisp and full of majestic landscape. You’ll immediately want to pack a bag and start your adventure.
  2. Jared Chambers: Jared is based in Los Angeles and has the perfect blend of city and countryside.
  3. Kristin Luna: Kristin gives a local’s perspective better than anyone else. She is a true Southerner and loves exploring.
  4. Andrew Nelson: Andrew’s creativity will make you plan your next trip immediately…like right now.
  5. And for the most adventurous traveler in all of us, there’s Chris Burkard. He’s most well-known for his breathtaking landscape photography.

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