Travel and leisure emojis

A few months ago, in honor of 2015 as the year of the emoji, we did  a state-by-state breakdown of the top travel and leisure emojis used by people on Twitter. From the ever popular “tent” in Wyoming to “snowflakes” in Montana and Alaska and “tropical drink” in Hawaii, we loved getting a glimpse into what fall travelers were excited about.

Some of the findings were to be expected, but others were a bit surprising. Like the fact that Louisiana is actually the state for lovers, with the most smiling faces with heart eyes. And Texans are spending money, and tweeting about it. Virginia and Vermont are also really into their beer. Michigan likes pizza, Minnesota celebrates with beer and Wisconsin is all about sipping wine. Connecticut folks? Cocktails, please!

What else did we learn? Travelers were enjoying their travel, and enjoying sharing unique adventures with their social networks. We’ve known all along that travel experiences increase happiness, and the almost 600,000 travel emojis that we looked at really brought that idea to life.

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