Travel tips for navigating the airport during the busy holiday season

Holiday travel season is officially upon us. The annual barrage of long security lines, crowded airports and lost luggage…assuming you can actually get there in time for your flight, that is. Hotwire’s seasoned tribe of travelers has compiled their top tips and tricks for navigating this busy time to get you on-board, in-flight and to your final destination as painlessly as possible.

To save money before you go:

  • Many airlines launch sales on Monday afternoons – try and book your flight on a Tuesday afternoon when competing airlines respond by lowering their prices.
  • Be flexible to wait and book a bit later, even the same day, to get the best rates. If you can be flexible with your travel dates? Even better.
  • Consider finding a cheaper airfare and then driving to your destination to save money.  At Hotwire, we offer car rental prices as low as $11.95 a day.

To beat stress at the airport:

  • Streamline your carry-on bags so that cords and chargers are easy to find, snacks are handy and it’s easy to pull out your boarding pass, electronics etc. when you hit security–and if you’re traveling with children, do their bags as well.
  • Download mobile apps so you can easily check flight times, get status updates and alerts, have the hotel address at your fingertips and more.
  • Get to the airport extra early. Traffic will be bad and lines will be long. It’s the one thing you can count on.
  • If you’re bringing gifts, don’t pre-wrap them. Often times security will not allow them through wrapped, so you’ll just end up having to re-do them.
  • Be nice. At security, to your flight attendants, to other passengers…a little kindness goes a long way in making your experience more pleasant, and reducing stress for yourself and others. After all, it is the holidays.

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