Traveling on Election Day? Find out how to vote early or absentee.

According to the Department of Transportation, approximately 1.95 million Americans hop on a plane on any given day, meaning there is a good chance a large number of citizens will be out of their home state on Election Day. Whether they’re off for business or leisure, traveling Americans can still exercise a crucial civil liberty and make their vote count in the 2016 election. With the US Census Bureau reporting that one of the main reasons people don’t vote is simply because they’re away, Expedia and Google want to be sure citizens know how to vote…BEFORE they travel.

Absentee ballot and early voting enable travelers who may not be home on Tuesday, November 8 to cast their ballots. In advance of Election Day, Google launched new Search features to ensure citizens have the latest and greatest information about voting opportunities. Simply search “how to vote” on Google to see results catered to each state.

For more information on how Expedia and Google are working together to encourage everyone to “get the vote out”, read here.

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