What is your family cooking for the holidays?

Here at Hotwire, our tribe of travelers hail from all over the world, making for unique favorite holiday dishes and festive tables that go beyond the standard ham or turkey, mashed potatoes and assortment of pies (though who are we to argue with any of those?).  Traditional dishes vary from region to region, with every part of the country putting their own unique spin on this season of sharing food and gratitude with loved ones.

  • If you’re from the Northeast, there is a good chance that Boston Brown bread might appear in your stuffing or somewhere on your table. Same goes for maple syrup in your pie or on your sweet potatoes. Salted maple-caramel sauce? Yes, please.
  • Southwesterners are known for adding a Tex-Mex twist to their holiday dishes. You’ll find turkey rubs with ancho chili and cumin, chipotle flavors in the sweet potatoes, black bean dips to get the meal started and chili-infused pumpkin flan for a feisty finish.
  • While Midwesterners are a bit more traditional with their holiday feasts, you will see an abundance of wild rice in everything from stuffing to casserole (“hotdish” if you happen to be from MN). The green bean casserole with fried onions? We’re pretty sure it originated here.
  • Looking for rich and diverse culinary dishes and traditions? Head South, where the stuffing will have oysters and French bread, the beans will be simmered with a ham hock and the pecan pie will definitely have bourbon. Sign us up!
  • And let’s not forget the West Coast, where yes, salmon does often make an appearance…usually smoked and in a dip as a starter. The abundance of apples, pears and cherries lend themselves to fruit pies and crumbles, the plethora of wild mushrooms show up in gravies, in stuffing (with sourdough bread, of course) and with green beans, and certainly, there are always potatoes.

Whatever you’re making and whomever you’re sharing your meal with, Hotwire wishes you a happy and healthy holiday.

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