Which emoji are you?

We’ve all got a favorite emoji, the one we pull out when words just can’t express what we are feeling. But which emoji is used the most? If you answered “crying tears of joy”, then give yourself a “clapping” emoji because you are right. “Crying tears of joy” was ranked the most popular travel and leisure emoji nationwide in a study conducted by Hotwire. But what other emojis are travelers using?

Here are the top emojis in each state, showing how consumers are finding happiness and joy in travel experiences leading up to the busy holiday season.

Do you agree? Do you use your state’s most used emoji?

Take a look below at some of insights from Hotwire’s 2016 travel and leisure emoji study:

  • California: Did someone say party time? There must be a lot of celebrating in California with (Balloon) being the most tweeted emoji.
  • Washington D.C.: Despite all the uncertainty that an election year brings, people in D.C. are still A-OK with the (OK Hand Sign) being the most popular emoji.
  • Florida: Does this mean there’s been an increase in (Dolphin) sightings? Maybe! Looks like Florida residents made some new friends this year.
  • Hawaii: Who knew Hawaiians loved pizza so much? Based on the travel emojis used on Twitter this fall, Chicago and New York City may have a new competitor in the “best pizza in America” discussion.
  • Idaho: Perhaps Idaho’s top emoji is related to the fact that the number of craft breweries in the state has doubled since 2011? Or because Boise is a homebrew hot spot for the U.S.? Whatever it is, it’s clear that people travelling to Idaho have beer on the brain.
  • Nevada: Let’s see, “Camera With Flash” was the top travel emoji for Nevada. And the second most popular travel emoji was “Bottle with Popping Cork.” Where in Nevada do people go for drinking and nightlife? We’re drawing a blank.

Hotwire Emoji Infographic


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