Anyone can be a travel geek

At Hotwire, we truly are a group of self-proclaimed, life-loving travel geeks. That’s why we all work here—because love to travel and we want to share information with other enthusiastic travelers. And want to help you be a travel geek too.

What exactly do we mean by “travel geek?

Well, by our definition, a travel geek takes every opportunity to get out and visit new places. He or she isn’t afraid to go off the beaten path to find hidden gems, and loves taking spontaneous trips. A travel geek doesn’t skip opportunities to travel with friends and family; he or she takes advantage of long weekends; and travel geeks ALWAYS use all of their vacation days.

We have some good news about travel geeks too: anyone can be one.

Once you open your mind to the idea of spontaneous travel, we can help you find the best deals on car rentals, hotels, and even flights. Our HotRate® hotel deals offer savings up to 60 percent on four star hotel rooms, which means you can take another trip with the money you save. That’s one more wedding this summer. One last minute booking at a beachside hotel on Wednesday to take advantage of big waves. Or more road trip to follow your favorite band to their next tour stop.


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