Dr. Ruth reveals her top tips for a “quickie”…getaway, that is!

Despite access to a plethora of so-called “connected” devices and “social” media, I’m hearing more and more Millennials reporting feelings of loneliness and isolation. This generation especially is in the middle of what I call a loneliness epidemic, but there are simple ways Millennials (and all Americans) can reconnect in their relationships and gain an overall better sense of well-being. It all starts with a “quickie” … getaway, that is!


  • Unplug and restore: Electronics are distracting and addicting. When on a getaway, lock your phones in the hotel safe and throw a towel over the TV. It’s easier to go cold turkey if you’re between some nice sheets with the one you love; just don’t forget to hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign!


  • Have a staycation: Staycations are budget-friendly, but oftentimes people spend that time catching up on chores or errands. Step up your staycation by booking a 1 or 2-night “quickie” staycation in a luxury hotel in your hometown. Enjoy some much-needed alone time with yourself or significant other by grabbing room service and taking a dip in the pool. Or find a local restaurant you’ve never tried before and invite friends to join you … it will feel like you’re all on vacation together. With Hotwire’s Hot Rate® hotel deals that can save you up to 60% off regular hotel prices, this well-deserved break needn’t break the bank.


  • Enjoy some “retail” therapy: Some people are afraid to visit their neighborhood sex shop in case they run into someone they know. If you’re on a quickie vacation, that risk drops to near zero. You don’t have to buy anything, but a little time spent looking around might be just the thing to get your engines started. If you are traveling with friends, suggest you all stop in to bring back something fun for your partners who will thank you when you get home.


  • Have a “Quickie” date night: It’s easy for parents to get busy with everyday life and caring for their kids, but they shouldn’t forget to make their relationship with their partner a priority to help keep the flame burning. Enjoy some uninterrupted time together by springing for a babysitter and checking into a nearby 5 or 4-star hotel, order champagne, and get reacquainted. Even if it’s only for a few hours, it’s time well spent.


  • Don’t forget the essentials: One of the benefits of a quickie trip is that you’re able to pack a much lighter load. Less packing for a quick getaway means you have more time to enjoy the journey, but don’t forget the essentials. Make sure you have all you need to protect against unintended pregnancy and don’t forget your personal items to get you in the mood-just make sure they are TSA approved!


  • Be spontaneous: Spontaneous vacations are even more fun if there are some added surprises along the way. Renting an exotic car, learning to cook a meal, or going on a guided tour of a haunted house might all serve to give you goosebumps. A travel site like Hotwire will add an element of fun to your travel planning with its mystery Hot Rate® deals, and the incredible prices on last-minute hotel and car rental deals will let you get away whenever the whim strikes (yes, even the same day!).


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