Featured traveler: my adventure in Australia

Brittany Adams

If you’re planning a trip to Australia soon, Brittany Adams, Product Manager and a member of Hotwire’s internal Travel Geeks, shares a few highlights from her recent trip to help you enjoy your time Down Under.

With a long vacation ahead of me, it was a pleasure to be able to slow down (way, way down) and absorb all the amazing things Australia had to offer. As I was traveling, I learned there were definite differences in culture and travel preferences between Americans and Aussies, as well as goofy similarities. I hope this helps give you a little glimpse into a true Australian adventure.

Tech Hacks

I spent my first week in Sydney. It’s important to note that while abroad, I could only use internet on my phone where WiFi was available. But, I learned that Aussies are much more about person-to-person interaction, so I did my best to put my phone away (except when needing directions!) because I really wanted to become immersed in the culture.

My three biggest mobile tech needs throughout Australia were: photography app, SnapChat, and transport info via Google Maps. SnapChat saves my snaps in-app if they fail to upload so that I can still post them once WiFi becomes available – awesome move to keep my daily story coming for friends and family! Plus, it’s a great way to remember the real adventurous moments…and believe me, there were many. As for photography, I really tried to take pictures of everything, so my camera app was indispensable!

Best Food

In my experience, Melbourne had the best food and the coolest people.  The nightlife in Melbourne was of another level. What can I say? Melbourne is the most vibrant, buzzing cultural capital of any country I have ever visited. During the weekend, I was surrounded by fashion we’d deem “out there” and the hippest of people. Big hair, big shoes, patterned fabrics – everyone seemed to tap into what made them unique; it was more than slightly adventurous! I drank three flat white coffees a day – I had never tasted coffee that was so delicious! Breakfast often consisted of toast, arugula, eggs, avocado, and additional treats – it was the most fresh food I have ever come across. However, kangaroo jerky was the most adventurous, and bittersweet food that I tried. I noticed that the more “cultural” a place is, the more delicious the variety of food. My favorite dish was ostrich jerky, kangaroo jerky and burger, flat white coffees, the world’s best avocados, and some incredible sashimi. There is a massive focus on pasture-raised animals and organic produce. I could taste the difference with every meal.

New Friends

While in Australia, I had the opportunity to meet a sweet koala bear. The koala, named Chloe, literally knows how cute she is, and meeting her was a definite highlight of the trip. After all the things I got to do and see, a vacation to Australia would definitely not be complete without meeting one of these beauties.


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