This one secret could save you an average of $70 on hotel bookings*

These past few months, you’ve had numerous obstacles standing between you and your next great trip, but price should not be one of them. So here’s a secret: It doesn’t need to be. That’s where Hotwire comes in. When you’re ready to travel again, we’ll help you confidently score a 4-star hotel at a 2-star price**—so you can finally take that trip to Austin without spending your whole paycheck.

As an added bonus, it’s actually super easy to do. Follow the steps below and you’ll be Hotwire-ing your way into hotels for a fraction of the price in no time. 

  1. Enter your destination, travel dates & number of guests.

    Hotwire Hot Rate Hotel Search

  2. Select the neighborhood that you’d like to stay in.

     Hotwire Hot Rate Hotel Austin Search

  3. Look for the Hot Rate® Flame! Hot Rate Hotels are exclusive hotel deals. We work with hotel suppliers to bring their unsold inventory to our customers at deeply discounted rates. In exchange for finding out the name of the hotel after you book, you get access to one-of-a-kind deals (like this originally $229/night room for almost half off).***

    Hotwire Hot Rate Listing

  4. From there, to get the best Hot Rate for you, use filters. Filters help you get the best deal for your Some of our favorites:
    • Star rating (what quality hotel do you want?)
    • Recommend score (guarantee yourself a hotel that other customers love by choosing a high recommend score)
    • Amenities (what features—pool, breakfast, etc—do you need?)

      Hotwire Hot Rate Hotel Filters

  5. Learn more about your Hot Rate Hotel. Once you’ve clicked on a specific Hot Rate Hotel, you can see info like a full list of the property’s amenities and more detailed customer reviews.

    For most properties, we even show hotel options, one of which is guaranteed to be your hotel—use our app to have this narrowed down to two (ie 50/50 odds)!

    Hotwire Hot Rate Hotel Details

    Hot tip: Need that extra confirmation that you’re getting the best deal? Compare all the options, both Hot Rate & publicly advertised rates, to find what typical prices are for hotels with your specifications.

    Hotwire Hot Rate Search Results

  6. Looks good to us! Once happy with the hotel, click “Book” and your Hot Rate Hotel will be revealed to you! Watch the savings roll in 💰

    Hotwire Hot Rate Hotel Page with Confetti


Head to to get started on saving now! 


* Savings based on 2018 Hot Rate 4-star hotel bookings versus retail rates, excluding taxes and fees. All bookings final.

**Savings are based on actual Hot Rate® Hotel bookings made in the previous 12 months as compared with the lowest published rates found on leading retail travel sites. Prices are dynamic and vary based on booking date and length of stay. There is no guarantee these savings or rates will be in effect at the time of your search. Availability is limited. Hot Rate® hotels are different from retail rates. With Hot Rate® hotels you enter the date, location and star rating. The hotel is revealed only after booking. All bookings final. Prices don’t include taxes or fees.

*** Prices don’t include taxes or fees.

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