Great deals on car rentals

We love it when other people sing our praises. Especially when they’re sharing details about scoring bargains on travel. This past weekend, The New York Times and Gary Leff, founder of, highlighted a bunch of tips on how to get great deals on car rentals, and included Hotwire. Our favorite tip (well, besides just simply using Hotwire)? Rent longer to save more…because who doesn’t want a longer vacation?  Insider bonus: we recommend checking out Florida and other southern states which generally super deals on car rentals right before the holidays, including Hot Rate® economy cars starting as low as $12.99 a day*. Sounds like it’s time to start planning that next trip. Thanks, NYT!

*Prices based on Hot Rate® car rental rates found during October 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. Prices do not include taxes and fees. Hot Rate® Car Rental rates are different from retail car rental rates. With Hot Rate® Car Rentals you enter the dates and location – exact Car Rental shown only after booking. All bookings are final. Prices vary based on car class, location, and availability and are subject to change.    

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