How to Easily Save on Travel, Whenever You’re Ready for Your Next Trip

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Travel has changed. Life has changed. But the age-old desire for getting something really great without all the effort? That hasn’t changed. Read on for a really easy way to get more vacation for less—way less—whenever you’re ready get out and start exploring the world again.

It starts with the floss-thin tightrope of decision fatigue: Sensible shoes or I’m-going-to-scream-with-every-step-I-take-today boots? Should you send that “per my last email” email before you leave for the day? Do you google “how many cups of coffee are too many cups of coffee” during that agonizing 2:30 slump, or just plunge right into cup number 34?

Choices seem to never take a break but leave you feeling like you need one. Badly. Choices are work. Especially at work. We get it: Sometimes it feels like you make 4,000 decisions a day. You don’t. You actually make 35,000. It’s no wonder you can never decide what to Postmates for lunch.

Drop your decision count to 34,999 and let us figure out the primo place for you to stay on your next trip, whenever you’re ready to take it. Leave the work at work and we’ll handle it by finding you the best deal in the best spot with Hotwire Hot Rates, so you can save a ton of cash and spend more time not working. That’s what we do best—give you giant savings on what you wanted anyway. Well, what you wanted, but even better. Throw those cute-but-pinch-y boots (and maybe some comfy socks) into your roller bag and take yourself out of town with a magical mystery booking AKA a Hotwire Hot Rate deal.

Read on to find out what mystery bookings are, how it all goes down, and why you should actually care. (Spoiler: They’ll save you a boatload of time and money.)

What are mystery deals?

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There are times when mystery is bad. When your boss asks if you have a minute. When it’s not clear how long a leftover avocado half is “still good.” (Just keep scraping off the brown part?) That text bubble typing thing that just disappears. Yeah—mystery can be bad.

Mystery bookings are nothing like scraping off the brown stuff. This time, the mystery is fun. Fun because it means you’re paying less for more. Balling on a budget. Getting champagne when you’re paying for a bottom-shelf beer. That your neighbor made. In his unfinished basement—an area that should maybe stay shrouded in more mystery than Area 51.

Also called opaque deals, here’s how Hotwire Hot Rates work: Tell us which area you want to stay in and how fancy you want to get, maybe the amenities (pool, anyone?) that you can’t live without, then leave the rest to us. That’s it. To-do list is checked. Throw it in the trash and set the (metaphorical) dumpster on fire, because your work is done here. And we work with the best hotels in the game, so you don’t have to worry you’ll end up with the ‘reality’ side of an expectation vs reality meme.

Why all the mystery?

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The hotels you browse stay anonymous in the booking process, but don’t worry—you’ll know exactly what’s included and the neighborhood you’re staying in—you’ll just get the name of your newly reserved place after the booking is complete. And that’s how we get you killer discounts without an ounce of drama. It’s all about the power of the mystery deal.

We offer you big bargains on every single booking, every single time, even when it’s last minute. We’re able to do this because our name-brand hotel partners have available rooms that they don’t want to see go unbooked, and we’re there to step in and fill them with you and your killer boots. By allowing our hotel partners to remain incognito while you look, we’re able to offer unadvertised rates not found elsewhere, and you get so much more than you expected for way less money.

So, how do you get the best hidden deals for hotels? It couldn’t be easier: Leave all the work to us, while you get busy not working.

Let our Hotwire Hot Rates do the work, so you can work less

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Our Hotwire Hot Rates take all the work out of booking your next trip. Not that we’re in the business of getting in your business, but we can guess you have enough work in your life. And we’d like to help you not work—both by saving you enough money to travel more, and by taking the research out of booking a choice hotel.

Work is writing an 11-page TPS report and looking for your stapler five days a week. Not work is booking an amazing hotel for an unbelievable price. When you choose a quick mystery hotel deal, you can get right to lounging by a pool with a craft marg in one hand and a seitan skewer generously slathered with Chimichurri rub in the other. Get ready to not work and spend more time on vacation. You can afford it when you save a bunch of money on incredible mystery hotel deals.

We show you the best deal on exactly what you want so you don’t have to do exhaustive searches on all those other sites. We do the work comparing the best hotels at the best prices. You pick your price and save cash and all of that time.

Don’t be afraid of the mystery!

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There are fun mysteries, then there are the kind that keep you up at night. Sleep ruiners? Trying to figure out who keeps stealing your lunch from the communal work fridge. Maybe it’s time to get out of town and deprive your coworkers of their ill-gotten snacks. It’s time for fun. Booking mystery deals with a Hotwire Hot Rate is the kind of mystery that will leave you smiling.

You know the neighborhood you want. You picked it. You know the star-rating you want. You can’t believe you got it for that twee little price, but you picked it. You read the reviews. They’re glowing. You perused the amenities. They’re more bountiful than a grandma’s hard-candy dish. You know what’s nearby. The area sounds almost too fun to be true, but it’s not. You have the information you need to make this mystery all reward and no risk.

Save the risks for cutting out of work at 4:32 on Friday afternoons, and take the non-risk of using Hotwire Hot Rates to book. We’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get the job done of finding the very best mystery deal for your next getaway. The only thing left for you to do? Maybe buy some new boots with all the money you’ll save.

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