How to travel with the two-and-under set…and not completely lose it

Traveling with children under the age of two is mostly totally amazing…but can also be, uh, really stressful. Not only for the parents, but also for the children. And let’s not forget fellow travelers sitting near said children.

Our Senior Partner Marketing Manager, Sarah Ulrey, is well versed in the art of traveling with her adorable tot and has learned a few tips and tricks to help everyone navigate the turbulence a bit more smoothly.

  • Use a baby gear rental service so you can pack less gear and have essentials waiting when you arrive. (
  • Streamline as much as possible. As parents know, baby “stuff” can pile up, especially when you want to be prepared for anything. Getting through security with a crying baby on your hip, whilst pulling out a laptop, and taking your shoes off is hard enough, you don’t want add any more stress to the mix. Those super cute extra pairs (and pairs) of shoes? Leave ‘em at home. Multiple carry-ons? Why bother if you can fit everything in one all-purpose diaper bag. You get the drift…
  • Take a play break. Map out locations for the play areas in the airport and find parks along your route. These spots are essential in case of delays, quick pit stops, and wearing your kids out so they sleep better on the road.
  • Make a few “goodie bags” to hand out to your fellow seatmates with fun things like earplugs, mints, chocolates, and a mini-shot. This little sentiment can go a long way when your little one starts acting up mid-flight. On second thought, make one for yourself too.
  • Suckers are a lifesaver. These little treats will entertain your little one for a few minutes and help them equalize the air pressure for less ear pain.
  • Pack extra clothes (for baby and you) and more baby wipes than you think you’ll need – poop and puke explosions can happen at any time. Be prepared.
  • If all else fails…drink. Well, kind of.

Instilling the joy of travel in your children from an early age is amazing, so you’re off to a great start. And armed with these insider tips, you’re one step ahead of the game and ready to get out and be slightly adventurous. Happy trails!

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