Make the most of bleisure travel

There are lots of sources of inspiration for picking a travel destination. Maybe a friend recommended it or you saw some great pictures on Instagram. Or your spouse has a business trip in a new city you’ve never explored. That’s right. A business trip is a great excuse to travel and explore a new place.

When your husband, wife, partner or roommate has to travel for business, that doesn’t necessarily mean time apart. Check your calendar and think about tacking some pleasure travel onto that business trip. Boyfriend heading to NYC for a week of meetings? Book a rental car and head to the Hamptons for the weekend! Friend going to a conference in Chicago? Take a day to visit both Wrigley Field and the Field Museum.

Some tips for making the most of business-turned-pleasure travel opportunities:

  • Embrace a last-minute change of plans. With flexibility in your travel schedule, tagging along on a last-minute business trip can be quite affordable. You’ll be able to find good prices on flights, hotels and rental cars in cities around the world.
  • Be realistic about your plans. If evening activities are part of the business trip, consider having your spouse join you on the last day of business, for a weekend getaway at the end of the trip. But if you anticipate free evenings or activities that allow for a “plus one”, your partner may want to join you for the whole trip.
  • Be flexible with travel schedules. You may find a better flight price or itinerary by being flexible with your dates. If your partner’s conference starts on Monday, look at flying on Sunday or Tuesday, for more options. Since your schedule is not dictated by business obligations, use your flexibility to your advantage when booking.

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