New updates to mobile app

Ever booked a hotel room or rental car from your mobile device? Well, turns out you’re not alone. Almost half of Hotwire’s savvy travelers are doing it, many of them waiting until they arrive at their destination to book a room (and scoring even better deals!). With that, and just in time for summer, Hotwire is announcing some new updates to its mobile app.


  • The new post-midnight feature lets you book a hotel even when it’s after midnight, which is helpful when you forget to make reservations or plans change unexpectedly (we won’t judge).
  • One-way car booking is great for moving, trips across the country, and airline delays or cancellations.
  • Bed-type selection allows families or friends traveling with Hotwire to book Hot Rate® Hotels and still know they can all be comfortable (read: no sharing a bed with grandma or the friend that likes to spoon).


The best part? With Hotwire’s newly updated mobile app, you can search, find, and book a trip in less than a minute and with just three clicks…making the possibility of your next getaway literally minutes away. What are you waiting for?

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