St Patty’s Day – Boston Edition

Boston on St Patrick's Day - GabiValladares

We sponsored lifestyle blogger and social media guru Gabi Valladares this past weekend to put her in the midst of Boston’s St Patrick’s Day festivities. Below is her guide on how best to celebrate the occasion in the city. 


Boston prides itself on its Irish heritage and downright awesome St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. I’ve been living here for just about 7 years and have participated in the St. Patrick’s Day festivities in lots of different ways. But, this year might have been my favorite.

St. Patrick’s Day may have come and gone this year, but there’s no time like the present to prep for next year’s weekend of events! Here’s a quick guide for doing just that.

Boston St Patrick's Day Parade - GabiValladares


Where to eat

FUEL UP. I can’t say it enough. And not just because there’s bound to be beer and libations abound, but because you’ll most likely be walking around a ton. Boston is a walking city, and you don’t want to be starving while searching for your next spot. So, plan ahead and enjoy some nosh while visiting our fair city. If you’re venturing in for the weekend (or even the day), you’ll most likely end up celebrating St. Patrick’s Day near the Quincy Market, Government Center, and Back Bay areas. If you’re looking for an Irish-inspired meal, local mags and websites will typically share round-ups prior to the weekend. Check those out before heading up here and make your reservations STAT. This year we stopped by The Ginger Man in Quincy Market and grabbed some apps – oh boy, were they DELICIOUS. Say yes to sliders, always.

Boston St Patrick's Day - GabiValladares


What to wear

Green. Obviously green. But also make sure that you’re prepared for both chilly and warmer temps. You’ll also want comfortable shoes. Don’t worry about dressing up your green duds with your favorite 4″ heels or that pair of shoes that always gives you blisters. It’s not worth it. Wear your comfiest shoes – might I suggest a pair of Keds? They’re my go-to!


Where to stay

This particular weekend here in Boston gets pretty pricey and hotels fill up super quickly. We used Hotwire for the weekend and stayed at the Hilton Downtown – what a perfect spot! We were right in the middle of the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations – and most importantly, we were staying right near where we knew we’d end up at the end of the night. AKA, if you know you’re going to end the night in a specific area of Boston, try to book your hotel there – that way your late-night commute will hopefully be just a few minutes away.

If you’ve visited Boston before, try staying in a new location! We’ve already stayed in Back Bay, so having the opportunity to stay near Financial District and Government Center was super fun.

Also, we booked our hotel via Hotwire’s app and it was the easiest hotel booking process I’ve ever encountered. From start to finish, it took about 2 minutes. And I did it all from my phone! How easy is that? If you’re ever already on the road and in search of a last-minute hotel, don’t worry about getting to your computer – just grab your phone, download the app, and BOOM. Hotel booked.


Parade plan

Let me just say, make sure you have a parade plan. The parade gets jam-packed, so head to Southie (aka South Boston) early if you’ve got a big group. I like to watch the parade near where it starts (West Broadway and A Street seemed to be a good spot) – it’s less hectic and closer to downtown than where the parade ends up.

Boston St Patrick's Day Parade - GabiValladares

Also, bundle up. The weather in Boston can change in an instant, and it’s always better to have more layers than not enough. This year, it was FREEZING and so so windy, but there have been St. Patrick’s Day weekends which were so warm that a light sweater was about all you could bear to wear.

Make sure you bring a snack along, as well as ample water. There are lines and waits EVERYWHERE, so make sure to have your essentials in tow.

Feeling ready to experience St. Patrick’s Day weekend here in Boston next year?

Boston St Patrick's Day - GabiValladares

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