Sweet, it’s National Dessert Day! Try our top picks for best regional desserts

It’s hard to believe that National Dessert Day only comes around once a year. With so many amazing cakes, pies, pastries, cookies, crumbles, trifles, ice creams, tarts (you get the idea) to choose from, we could literally choose a different sweet for 365 days in a row. But, we digress. It’s time to celebrate! We checked in with a few of Hotwire’s knowledgeable hotel area managers to get the “scoop” on the best desserts du jour.

  • In the Northeast, we’ve got to go with a big slice of Boston Cream Pie. Originally created at the Boston, MA Omni Parker House in 1855, this classic version consists of two layers of golden cake filled with pastry cream and both chocolate and vanilla fondant. Can’t make it to the Omni Hotel for the real thing? Re-create it at home with the Omni’s secret recipe. While we’re at it, the iconic black & white cookie is also a must-try. And while you could grab any old variety from a street vendor or bodega in New York City, family-owned Glaser’s Bake Shop in Manhattan has been baking bread since 1902 and turning out incredible cookies by the dozen since the 1950’s. Their flaky and perfectly iced “black n’ white” is arguably one of the best in existence.
  • The South is known for many amazing desserts; however in our book authentic banana pudding and fresh peach cobbler pretty much take the cake J Essentially a trifle, but with vanilla wafers instead of cake, banana pudding is easy, delicious and quintessentially Southern. Head to non-profit restaurant King’s Kitchen in Charlotte, NC for a slab of this infamous dessert. If its cobbler you’re after, Mary Mac’s in Atlanta, GA is where it’s at. Known for traditional Southern fare, Mary Mac’s is famous for its seasonal cobblers, especially their traditional Georgia peach version.
  • No list would be complete without mentioning the Florida Keys and its famous Key Lime pie. Our favorite has to be the Blond Giraffe’s award-winning version, which incidentally has also been voted the best in Florida. You can also try their chocolate dipped frozen Key Lime pie on a stick or the Key Lime pie cookies, but we’re partial to a big ol’ slice of the original.
  • Over on the Left Coast, we can’t talk about San Francisco, CA without mentioning everything chocolate. Check out the incomparable Ghirardelli Square for the Ghirardelli Café . Chocolate lovers will be in heaven with rich hot chocolates, ice creams galore, sundaes, pralines and basically everything a choco-holic could dream of. If you need more of a chocolate fix, head up north to the Emerald City, for a visit to Hot Cakes. A self-described “molten chocolate cakery”, Seattle’s Hot Cakes offers everything from smoked chocolate chips and dark chocolate sauce to vegan caramel sauce, but they are most famous for their organic take’n bake molten chocolate cake. Just. Yes.

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