The Geekiest Road Trip

Earlier this summer, one of our Hotwire Travel Geeks took one of the geekiest road trips in the history of travel.  Matt Knight, our Senior Director of Product Management, traveled from San Francisco, California to Billings, Montana to pick up a Super Computer.  Yes, a Super Computer. For fun.

As part of our migration to the Cloud, our Technology team had decided to sunset a data warehouse.  Matt made a strong case that he would take very good care of it, and got the greenlight to pick it up.

Our CTO, Brian Gill, shed a little light on this somewhat unusual request saying, “It’s a Super Computer. He wants it because it’s power – everyone knows the power of your code is proportional to the power of the computer you run it on.” Um, ok.

Yellowstone National Park

With his ever-patient girlfriend Diana riding shotgun in a large (remember, we’re talking about a Super Computer—this thing weighs 1800 pounds!) truck with a big trailer, Matt embarked on the ultimate travel geek trip from San Francisco to Montana.  Because they wanted to keep the trip affordable, Matt and Diana booked all their hotels using Hotwire’s mobile app and booked Hot Rate® Hotels.  They ended up with an average room rate of $114.40/night!

When Matt relayed some of his tales from the road, our favorite quote had to be, “I think we shocked the guy at the NV/ CA Agricultural checkpoint on the way back through – he wanted to look in the trailer, but then really wasn’t sure what he was looking at. Luckily it wasn’t too hard to convince him that it was neither an animal nor a plant, and then we were good to go.”Super Computer

Traveling more than 2,787.6 miles they crossed 7 states, 64 US counties and visited two National parks (and Matt only had 13 coffees!) In total, the trip took five days – 51 ½ hours of driving- -to return with his Super Computer.  What he plans to do with it now (besides start cleaning out his garage)? We still aren’t really sure…

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