What is a Travel Geek?

Last Friday we hosted our second #TravelSkills Twitter chat with Chris McGinnis and Johnny Jet.  Over the course of an hour we asked ten questions about what it means to be a Travel Geek.   We see a travel geek as someone that takes every opportunity to get out and visit new places.  He or she always has a bag packed and ready to go.  Travel geeks love taking advantage of long weekends and we ALWAYS use all of our vacation days.

Some of our favorite travel geek tips from the chat are listed below:

Save money:

  • Book redeye flights to save money and maximize your time to explore a new city.
  • Sometimes it’s fun to let the deal choose your next destination.
  • Find rock-bottom, 4-5 star, City-center hotel rates during Christmas (use an online site like Hotwire).
  • If you fly on a Gogo-equipped plane, buy your WiFi in advance, it’s cheaper.

Be a traveler, not a tourist:

  • Talk to people.
  • Study a map of the destination you’re traveling, get your bearings and learn the lay of the land before you arrive.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to be a geek…take pics and have fun!

Get inspired:

  • Instagram is great for inspiration.
  • One of our favorite parts about the chat included the “View from a plane” photos everyone shared.
  • Follow other travel geeks for inspiration and great tips: @cjmcginnis; @JohnnyJet; @LandLopers; @thewannabegypsy; @RoarLoud; @juliadimon; @DailyTravelTips; @OneMileataTime; @crankyflier; @henrikkjellberg; @alavine1; @carriepeters.

Special thanks to everyone that participated. We hope to see you all back at the next #TravelSkills Twitter chat in October!

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