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Cinco de Mayo - Guacamole

Guacamole has become something of an art form. With everyone claiming their version of this simple classic is “the best” (red vs yellow onions? lemons vs limes?), how do you choose? We took a super scientific approach to finding a winner, and ate a bunch guacamole. That’s proper use of the scientific method, right? Here’s a roundup of our fave spots across the nation (don’t forget to check out last year’s list).


Seattle, WA – Little Water Cantina

Many Seattleites know of Little Water for their awesome patio overlooking Lake Union but it’s their chips & guac that are the real draw. The standout here is the pairing of thick-cut, freshly-made flour tortilla chips (perfectly salted). The guac itself  has just the right amount of lime zest (and no cilantro for you cilantro-haters). Come at happy hour (weekdays 3-6pm) to get a basket for $5.


Los Angeles, CA – Mercado

Anywhere in SoCal already has a leg-up in the guac game because avocados are fresh & plentiful. But Mercado takes guac to a new level. It’s so chunky & flavorful that we found ourselves fighting over the last few bites. Wash it down with their pink grapefruit margarita and you’ll almost forget you have no more guacamole left.


Denver, CO – Tamayo

Tamayo takes guacamole seriously. If you’re a purist, their traditional option knocks it out of the park–super fresh, with a bit of a kick from the serrano pepper. Looking to be a bit more adventurous? Try the Bacon Guacamole. Never would have thought to add bacon to our guac but it works surprisingly well. Now if only we had time to try the Tuna Tartare or Spicy Crab versions…


Austin, TX – Torchy’s Tacos

Tacos are basically a food group in Austin so it makes sense that this city would have incredible guac options. And this isn’t exactly a secret, but one of the best is Torchy’s Tacos. The guac here can stand on it’s own: chunky with a powerful burst of lime but because this is Texas afterall, get the queso (which has guac in it). Two for one.


San Francisco, CA – El Techo

El Techo doesn’t set out to reinvent the wheel with their guac but sometimes, that’s exactly what you need. Their take is on the creamier side, topped with cotija cheese, and served with homemade tortilla chips. Grab a spot on the rooftop deck and a sangria to round out your order.


Santa Barbara, CA Los Agaves

We’ve heard locals rave about Los Agaves so we had to try it for ourselves. For $5.50 you get a healthy portion size of creamy guacamole (just the right mix of garlic & onions) and bottomless chips. Plus, every visit to Los Agaves comes with access to their killer salsa bar–so many options that it’s a good thing you don’t have to choose.


Atlanta, GAZocalo

All you need to know is that Zocalo serves bottomless guacamole (Mon-Fri). Yes, bottomless. And it’s made table-side. And it’s amazing.


Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


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