Workventure is the new bleisure

“Bleisure travel” – a term that means combining business and leisure travel – is overused and outdated, so Hotwire recently introduced a new term…“workventure.”It’s not just about combining leisure activities with your business trips; it’s about using those work trips to be “slightly adventurous” and taking advantage of your time in a different city.

Hotwire President Henrik Kjellberg suggests a simple shift in mindset that will help U.S. traveler embrace this idea: “Business and personal travel don’t have to be so segmented. Sometimes it’s just about getting up early to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge before morning meetings, or relaxing at the end of a full day at a conference by checking out a hip new restaurant or club in a neighborhood you’ve never explored.”

Better yet, data shows that people who embrace this idea tend to have more fun than the average Joe. According to a recent consumer survey, workventure travelers are more likely to:

  • Be spontaneous: Plan a spur-of-the-moment trip and embrace last-minute adventures. Those on a workventure (45% compared to 27% of Americans) have planned a spontaneous weekend trip in the past year.
  • Travel with friends of family: Share your trip with someone special. About 75% of “workventurers” have traveled with friends or family. (Compared to 55% of Americans.)
  • Take a roadtrip: This one’s self-explanatory. This one is 67% compared to 47% of Americans.
  • Splurge on a fancy meal: Don’t order take out or stop by a familiar chain you visit in your own town. Go out of your comfort zone and spend a little more on a fancy meal…you won’t regret it. (This one is 71% to 47%.)

“Clearly, people who get out and explore and take full advantage of work travel are more fun. So, of course we want to encourage anyone who goes on business trips to shift their mindset, and to be more workventurous,” Kjellberg says.

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